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On July 12, 2023, Judge Kacel dismissed a baseless lawsuit filed against the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners by Mark Brewer, the former chair of the Michigan Democratic Party.

The lawsuit alleged violations of the Open Meetings Act. Judge Kacel found the lawsuit was without merit and dismissed it in its entirety. Ottawa County conducts business openly and transparently at properly noticed public meetings.

Instead of using lawfare and trying to weaponize the legal system, Democrats and their political allies should try their ideas in the court of public opinion.

They should explain why their far-left, CRT race-equity, drag-queens-for-kids, anti-American ideas are somehow “better” for the people of Ottawa County. Instead, we are seeing a constant barrage of false narratives and defamation. For example, read the article by Simply American entitled: 75 articles and counting—the barrage is real.

Why are the Democratic Party, far-left narrative writers like Sarah Leach, and The Holland Sentinel trying to redefine Republicans as extreme?

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When leftists do not get their way in elections, they resort to smear campaigns and lawfare.

We see this happening on the local, state, and national levels. If any conservatives dare to stand up for conservative principles and speak against Leftist ideology, they are immediately smeared and labeled as “extreme” or “fundamentalist” in the most negative light possible.

Political narratives that declare conservatives, local Republicans, and Ottawa Impact to be “extreme” are false.

These fake narratives are disrespectful of everyday Americans who simply want to live peaceably and raise their families, without being labeled, defamed, harassed, and intimidated.

One of the most common messages people share when sending their thanks and encouragement is: “Thank you for standing against the attacks of the Left.” I often respond, “You’re welcome! This is exactly what I signed up for.”

It is my pleasure to stand between the Left and the people of Ottawa County. I love America, and I will continue to do what I said I will do.

Conservative leaders do not compromise or give ground to the progressive left. We stand on the Constitution and the principles of American exceptionalism.

I am thankful for courageous conservatives in Ottawa County who are protecting Faith, Family, and Freedom!

Let’s defend our piece of America!