2023-09-14T12:22:56-04:00September 14th, 2023|

Here’s the latest update on early voting, which starts in 2024 based on the passage of Proposal 2.

Proposal 2 was passed in November 2022. This constitutional amendment was promoted by:

  • Michigan Democratic Party
  • Open Society Foundation (George Soros)
  • Other left-learning organization

It was opposed by the Michigan Republican Party, Heritage, and others.

The Michigan Constitution now requires a minimum of 9 days of early voting. Centralizing elections harms democracy. Increasing the size and scope of government is bad for the people. Unfortunately, this is what Proposal 2 did in Michigan.

The majority of voters in Ottawa County voted against Proposal 2. Many clerks and elected officials expressed significant concerns about early voting and Proposal 2.

Under the new paradigm, the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners is in the process of finalizing a collaboration between Ottawa County, the County Clerk, and all of the city and township clerks in the county. This opportunity will provide a customer-focused and consistent process for early voting—which is now a required option for cities and townships to provide. Also, you can still vote on election day, just like normal. That is not changing.

The early voting plan is the culmination of countless hours by our local clerks and County Clerk, which we are thankful for! This collaboration is made possible by working together and respecting each other’s various roles in the process. The agreement allows the county to help pay for costs associated with early voting.

According to our County Clerk, Ottawa County is required to submit the plan to the state by the end of October. Although the state has not yet finalized all the details or funding, we are moving forward together with a coordinated plan so that Ottawa County can be ahead of the curve.

This process is being taken seriously by all involved with the intention of finalizing the best possible system for all voters in Ottawa County, as well as to be an example for other counties in Michigan who will look to see how our county is handling early voting.

The integrity of the election process is one of the most important issues for the future of America.

The Ottawa County Board of Commissioners is taking the election process seriously, and is working to support, encourage, and ensure the county provides increased measures for the safety and security of the election.