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For Immediate Release

Joe Moss
Board Chairperson, District 5

Joe Moss Announces Re-election Campaign for County Commissioner

Joe Moss announced today that he is running for re-election for Ottawa County County Commissioner in District 5, which covers Blendon Township, City of Hudsonville, Jamestown Charter Township, and Zeeland Charter Township Precinct 4. Moss has served since he was sworn in on January 3, 2023.

“As your county commissioner, I will continue to lead with courage, promote freedom and American values, deliver Conservative policies, and make Ottawa County a place where freedom rings for everyone.”

Since taking office, Joe stood firm on the promises he made during his campaign in 2022. He has again signed the Contract with Ottawa as a promise to the people.

Amidst the battle for the soul of America, Joe recognizes that Ottawa County is pivotal to our state and nation. If we want to protect all we hold dear for future generations, it is important for everyday citizens use their voices and engage at the local level.

Since taking office, Joe has served as the Chairman of the Board, and:

  • Voted to close the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Department.
    • The department promoted progressive ideology and divisive racial policies.
    • This change returned county operations to focus on character, excellence, and merit.
    • This also saves the county $286,000 per year.
  • Voted to pass the following resolutions:
  • Voted to hire Kallman Legal Group, one of the most experienced constitutional law firms in Michigan
  • Voted to build and expand the Department of Veteran Affairs to prioritize our heroes of freedom
  • Voted to reject unneeded and sometimes harmful grants
  • Voted to approve funding for body cameras for the Sheriff’s Department
  • Voted to increase pay to comparable levels for the Sheriff’s Department, helping attract and retain high quality law enforcement personnel

Ottawa County continues to be among the state’s most conservative and wealthiest counties, is the fastest growing county, and has one of the lowest unemployment rates.

The county is in an excellent financial position with strong reserves. The annual budget is over $250M and the county’s financial position was strengthened by about $14M in 2023.

“America is a beautiful country built on the timeless principles of liberty. Ottawa County is filled with wonderful people who simply want to work hard, raise their families, and live their lives in peace. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the people and promote faith, family, and freedom. Ottawa is truly one of the best places to live in Michigan!”

Joe has committed to continue leading boldly, and to prioritize freedom and the Constitution when making decisions for the people he represents. You can support the campaign by donating online and sharing this information with friends and family.