Right to Life of Michigan PAC

Right to Life

Joe Moss received the sole endorsement for County Commissioner, District 5.

No other candidate running for District 5 is endorsed by Right to Life.

Ottawa County Republican Party

Ottawa County Republican Party

Joe Moss received the sole endorsement for County Commissioner, District 5.

No other Republican candidate running for District 5 is endorsed by the Republican Party.



Joe Moss received the sole endorsement for County Commissioner, District 5.

RPAC supports pro-REALTOR® candidates and policies that promote free enterprise and private property rights.

No other Republican candidate running for District 5 is endorsed by REALTORS® PAC.

Luke Meerman

State Representative

“I’m grateful for Joe Moss and his heart to serve District 5. He stepped up when Ottawa County needed a change and he’s still the one we need to lead Ottawa County for the next 4 years. Please join me in supporting Joe Moss.”

Dr. Jim Johnson

Former Executive Director of Holland/Zeeland Right to Life

“It is my honor to endorse Joe Moss for re-election as Ottawa County Commissioner, District 5. Joe made his views and convictions known as a parent during the time of Covid. He and many other Ottawa County parents refused to tolerate local government that would take away their freedom of self-governance concerning their children. I supported Joe to be a Commissioner believing that he would lead the fight for Life, Faith, Family and Freedom. Joe did not disappoint! From my perspective he has done an remarkable job. Please join me to re-elect Joe Moss as Ottawa County Commissioner in District 5.”

Bob Davis

Hudsonville, Michigan

“I have known Joe Moss for over 20 years. He loves God, loves America, reveres America’s Founding documents, and the principles upon which they are based. He despises political corruption and tyranny in all forms, which I personally know is the main reason he ran for office. There are very few people I would trust with political authority, Joe Moss is one of them. I wholeheartedly endorse him for Ottawa County Commissioner.”

Dustin Boss

Chief Executive Officer at Emerge Apps, Hudsonville, Michigan

“It is critically important for people with character and passion for this country to involve themselves in politics. It’s not easy as it comes with challenges—time away from family and work and putting yourself out there in a polarized political climate. But without solid, principled leaders who care and want to help for the right reasons, our country will not survive as originally founded. I’ve gotten to know Joe over the years—I know his passion and desire to give back. He is doing this for the right reasons, and that is why I support Joe—you should too!

Mark Blocher

President/CEO in Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I am honored to endorse Joe Moss for District 5 Ottawa County Commissioner. I have known Joe for many years as a person of integrity, deeply committed to serving others, and a strong advocate for the time-honored American values we desire in our public servants. He has been a tireless, diligent business entrepreneur whose integrity is unquestioned. There is no doubt he will bring this same energy and commitment to his work on the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners.”

Adam Tountas

Former Chair of Ottawa GOP

“Ten years ago, I served two terms as chair of the Ottawa GOP. In those days, our county commissioners were conservative. Not anymore. And, I’ve had enough. I support Joe Moss for county commissioner because he’s a principled conservative. Joe’s a business owner, married for 14 years, and a parent of two young children. He’s smart, tough, and will stand up for your rights as a parent and citizen. Vote for Joe Moss for county commissioner to elect a bold, pro-active leader for Ottawa County.”


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